Adults Driving Program


It is never too late to learn to drive or gather the experience and training necessary to become a better driver. Whether you are interested in earning your driver’s license for the first time, would like additional instruction to be a more confident driver,  or are simply looking to improve your skills, we have the driving instructors to help you succeed!
We take pride in the quality drivers educated by our school. We want to keep Plymouth, MA streets safe as well as teen and adult drivers alike.

What We Offer

Private in-car driving lessons to prepare you for your Competency Examination

Written + Permit Test Preparation

Car Rental For Your Road Test

Our Mission

To provide professional, informed, and comfortable instruction that turns new or inexperienced drivers into safe, collision-free, and confident drivers.

To create a fun environment for instructors and students that fosters valuable learning and hands-on experience.

To teach our students to take the consequences of their actions seriously and respect the road.

To inform previous drivers with mediocre driving skills of the best defensive driving skills that will keep them free of collisions and tickets for life.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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